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  • What is Live-Pay?

    Live-Pay is a versatile payment and collection platform that enables customers to conveniently make online payments for services provided. Through Live-Pay, customers have the flexibility to pay using their computer or mobile phone, utilizing a wide range of credit, debit, prepaid Mastercard, Maestro, and Visa cards from any bank. With Live-Pay, users can securely and effortlessly complete transactions, ensuring a seamless payment experience for both businesses and their valued customers.

  • Whta is the target audience for Live-Pay service?

    Live-Pay service is aimed at consumers or businesses that wish to pay for a service.

    Choose  the service you wish to pay from the available merchants of Live-Pay platform and make your payment quickly, easily and securely through simple steps.

  • What payments can I make through the Live-Pay service?

    Through the Live-Pay platform customers of a business can pay a number of obligations such as telephone and Internet bills, insurance services, subscriptions, service providers booking (eg accommodation, rent a car) and many others.

    You can make your payments through the "Search Payments" section by selecting the business you are interested in.

  • Is it mandatory to create my profile on the service to make payments?

    There is no need to register with the service to make payments. You can directly select a business from the list of available payments and proceed with an immediate payment without registration. Follow simple steps and complete your transaction easily, quickly and with complete security!


    However, we recommend that you create your account as a "Consumer" for a full in-app payment experience. Discover the possibilities that Live-Pay gives you as a connected user.

  • How can i monitor my transactions?

    For every successful payment you make through the Live-Pay platform, we inform you in detail by e-mail that we send to your e-mail address ( in case you provided  it during the payment). If you are a registered user of the Live-Pay, you will receive a notification to the email address you provided during registration for each successful and unsuccessful payment you make.

  • What procedure do I need to follow to make a payment on the Live-Pay platform?

    First, select the business you wish to make a payment to from the list of available payments. The platform will then guide you through simple and quick steps to complete the payment.

    To make the payment you must have a credit, debit or prepaid Mastercard or Visa card (of any bank).

  • What are the advantages of creating a profile in the platform instead of make payments as a visitor?

    Your registration on the  Live-Pay platform provides you with the following additional features:

    • Create and update profile
    • Change password
    • Detailed list of completed payments
    • Ability to store card for future payments
    • Add favorite businesses for quick payment access
    • Response emails regarding your registration and payments

    Create your profile 


  • Can I change my profile information?

    As soon as you register for the Live-Pay platform, you will get your own personal account through which you can make changes to your registered personal information and personal passwords. Also, there will be the possibility to save the cards you use or delete them respectively.

  • Can i delete my profile?

    For security reasons and in order to protect the integrity of electronic transactions, only Live-Pay administrators can proceed and delete a user's profile, after a relevant request to [email protected].


    A profile can only be deleted if there are no recorded transactions via Live-Pay. Otherwise, the user's profile will become inactive and be removed from relevant contact lists.